Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Mental Alertness In Maths Calculation

We are human after-all. Why do I say that?

Did you make simple maths error especially after a certain period of performing maths calculations?

Our mind has to have the strength and stamina to stay active and alert to have 0% error.

This is not a maths problem. Rather it is a psychological problem.

How then are we to minimise, if not eliminate, these simple maths errors that we hate to make?

Below I list a simple trick that I often used and advise maths learners.

- Before starting to do any maths assignment, or test, or examination, scan through the whole paper to scout out the simple and difficult questions.

- Start off with the complex questions or those that you are not that confident with. You need the attention to "attack" those questions while your brain is still alert. (Note the time factor too, otherwise, you may consume too much time for them leaving little time for the simple ones!)

- After completing the complex questions, you will be more relax mentally to solve the other questions. And given the simplicity, less error will be made since you have scanned through the paper initially and has better confidence in dealing with them.

This is a proposal that balance mental alertness with solving math questions.

Maths solving can be taxing, but with proper strategy, you can lessen the anxiety and, in fact, after more practice, like and enjoy maths.


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