Monday, 18 August 2008

Solving Maths Develops Plan Foward Capability

As in any case of solving problems, solving maths also requires certain strategy and procedures. Performing the mathematical steps to realise the result need certain skills.

One of this skill is the ability to see the "path" to the result. This ability, however, is obtained when we are able to plan what to do and reveal the intermediate goals.

Solving maths is like a mini-warfare where the enemy is the result that has to be obtained. Every steps that we take to achieve our goals has to be planned for.

We need to think ahead in each steps of computation and be capable of using whatever tools available to clear the obstacles lying in front of us.

Solving maths, thus, is a good platform for anyone to gear themselves for a future of planning, or to have better planning capability.

The steps required to solve a maths problem develops one to be able to plan forward. The steps taken at every maths operation serves a certain purpose to simplify mathematical expressions or eliminate unknowns.

Studying and doing maths is therefore a necessary part of human development in that it allows the learners to develop their mind to solve real-life problems through proper planning.

So to developing minds, cheers to maths!


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