Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Cramer and Sarrus | How are they related to maths

Cramer and Sarrus?

Who are they?

In which area of maths are they involved?

For those of you who is doing matrices, you will be familiar with their rules, I suppose.

They are famous for creating techniques used in the solution of simultaneous equations.

How so?

Cramer's Rule is a method of solving unknowns in simultaneous equations using division of various determinants.

Rule of Sarrus is a simple way of determining the numerical value of 3rd order determinant.

The two rules, therefore, complement each other to form an easy way to solve simultaneous equations.

However do note that students of these topics use to mix up the 2 rules.

When question states the use of Cramer's and Sarrus rule, they tend to get confuse. THe common notion is that Rule of Sarrus is another method to solve simultaneous equations which is not so.

It is only a technique to evaluate the determinant and get its value. It cannot solve the unknowns in the set of equations.

This is a good problem to get confuse. Why?

Getting confuse means a thinking brain and learning starts to take place. When there is no confusion, there can be two happenings.
- blank or "completely do not understand"
- "completely understood without questions"

Which is which does not matter. What is important is not to disappoint Cramer and Sarrus!
Work hard folks!



Anonymous said...

Thank you so, so much for this great explanation! You helped me a lot with this.

Afaan Gulzar said...

This thing will help me a lot in my career...... Thanks