Sunday, 17 August 2008

How To Draw Right-Angled Triangle Using Geometric Compass

We can draw a right-angled triangle using various ways.

One way is to make use of a protractor.
Another way is to use a try square.

But what if you have only a geometric compass, how do you do it?
(Not the compass that give you directional bearings of north, south, east and west!
It is the one that let us draw circle with.

Don't worry. The trick is simple!

The steps are :

  1. Draw a (light) circle to serve as boundary

  2. Draw a line across the diameter of this circle to serve as one side of the triangle

  3. From the 2 ends of the line drawn in step 2, produce 2 more lines, joining them at any point along the circle boundary.

  4. Smile! You have created a wonderful right-angled triangle true to target.


See the diagram 1 beside for an overview of the steps used.

Diagram 1 ===>

Try out this method and see for yourself!

Proof using a protractor or try square at angle C to verify the 900.

Enjoy yourself! Geometry is fun! :)


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