Monday, 18 August 2008

Why Do We Study Quadratic Equation?

In maths class, we are hammered with expressions after expressions of quadratic equations. We are taught how to solve for its roots. We are taught all the necessary methods or mathematical techniques to handle quadratic equations.

But after all these, what is the purpose?

This is the question many students of maths studies ask.

Do we need this "quadratic" knowledge in working life?

See the diagrams and photos below. They will enlighten you.

The communication dish is parabolic in shape. Parabolic is the equivalent to quadratic mathematically. Engineers need to understand quadratic equation to design this beautiful profile.

This wok is designed using quadratic expression. With this, food can be fried to our liking!

Without quadratic equation, who knows how a wok would look like.



Here you see that eye-glass lens are constructed with curves matching that of the quadratic equation.

Light is thus controlled to give good image to our eyes.

Quadratic equations to the rescue, right?







Other examples are:

1) Distance travelled given by the quadratic equation s = ut + (1/2) a t2

2) Electrical characteristics of a MOSFET (Transistor device)
i = k [(Vg - Vt)VD - (1/2)Vd2]

So now do you still wonder why you study quadratic equations?

Maths do have a purpose in our daily life. Rest assure that you are studying maths for a good cause.



Anonymous said...

still no application for the average person in real life, awesome, so 99% of us don't need it.

crabby said...

I believe woks existed before quadratic equations

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous...The whole point of learning these and other maths is so that we, as a race, can keep on designing/building/using these things. Maybe the average person doesn't use them in their real life. That's why people who DO use them get paid a lot of money :) Or maybe you're just below average, in which case you're right, you don't need it. Because your job will simply require much less thinking and probably more physical labor. The whole point of learning things in school is to push yourself and society to a higher level. If you want to be "average," that's too bad for you.