Thursday, 14 August 2008

Using Trigonometry To Create Pictures

Mathematics has many purposes. The main use is for calculation. However, if we know its principle and how they relate to other design tools, we can create interesting pictures out of it.

Here I demonstrate how the understanding of the principle of trigonometry can be useful in generating graphics. It is actually another way to present the trigonometry function besides the use of common timeline.

In the first picture, I used the simple expression of sinA to create a flower. With the help of Microsoft Excel drawing tools and the Radar chart function, mathematics is turned into art.

Picture 1 Flower

In the next creation, I used the trigonometric multiplication of 2 sine functions;

"sinA x sin 4A ".

Picture 2: Multiplication Flower

The next picture is created through using the maths operation "2 + (sin A x sin 4A)".

Picture 3: Addition Flower

Did you see the wonders of mathematics now?

By understanding the principle of trigonometry, we can, with the aid of other tools, create something interesting. Thus the merging of maths and other applications poses an unlimited spectrum for human imagination.

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