Sunday, 17 August 2008

Exciting Area and Perimeter in Geometry

In geometry studies, you would come across, definitely, the terms "area" and "perimeter".

I suppose, you are also good at calculating their numerical value.

However, in the midst of doing the many calculations and heavily involved with different funny shapes, the fundamentals of geometry have to be maintained. The principles are always the main issue while studying mathematics. Take a thinker below.

Is perimeter related to area in any way?

Does the perimeter expands with increase in area?

Does the area shrink with decrease in perimeter?

These questions serve to address understanding of these 2 key geometrical parameters.

If you are able to answer them correctly, give yourself a pat.
Otherwise, give yourself a slap!

Let's look further into them, if you have any queries.

The 2 diagrams to the left has the SAME area, but look at their perimeter. One is longer than the other even when the areas are the same.

Amazing right?

Now, look at the 2 diagrams on the left. These 2 shapes has the SAME perimeter, but how about their areas?

The areas are highly different!

Exciting area and perimeter relation, right?

Do note, however, that the above 2 cases are just to illustrate concepts of area and perimeter in geometry. There are also normal cases where increase in area results in increase in perimeter, and likewise for decreasing condition.

Stick to principles and understanding is assured. Cheers!


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