Saturday, 16 August 2008

Power Of Beliefs In Learning Math

In learning math, one thing makes us different. It is the belief of "I can do math". It is this belief that pushes us on.

Before we start learning math (and even other subjects), if we start with a negative impression of the subject or topics, we are mentally forcing ourselves for failure. This is because we are picturing problems and struggles psychologically, and these affect our learning attitude. This detrimental attitude towards math education causes us to put mental obstacles along our path to good math studies.

Have your observed that students weak in math always speak of difficulties in handling the module? Did you see them prepare the topics beforehand, reading them ahead of the actual teaching? Did they talk about success in their math tests, assignment or examinations? Hardly, right?

The mental aspect of math learning cannot, and will not, be better if our beliefs in it is not concretely positive. Sentences like "I will fail math", "I cannot understand math", "I hate math" or anything equivalent, destroy us. They destroy us at the start, along the way and finally proves correct at the end. The starting matters!

To have good results, we need to motivate ourselves by saying, verbally or mentally, positive and encouraging statements, to ourselves and others.

If you cannot pass a math test, review the strategy. Change another method, and have the confidence. Do not let wrong strategy put you down permanently. Not doing well does not translate to "not able to do it at all". It is the method applied. Choose a learning method that suits your style and pace.

Every new math topics will definitely be "strange" and hence, seems, difficult. Therefore it is good practice to read up the announced topics beforehand. It has the merit that you will be more aware of the complex portion of the topics even before lesson start, and you are well prepare to ask relevant questions and clear your doubts smoothly.

The belief that you can learn anything and do it well changes your learning behaviour. With practice and constant reminder that you can do it, good outcomes will surface sooner or later. This positive results will serve to enhance the "I can succeed" mentality.

Those that do not have this belief suffer. Our beliefs are what set us apart from others. They are the "future" in us.

Therefore seek to boost your learning morale by saying "I love math" and "I can do math".


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