Sunday, 17 August 2008

Number Game To Make Maths Fun

Purely studying maths as it is may tied up students mentally, not to mention the staff teaching it. How to make it interesting?

You can play games with maths. With a bit of creativity, you can create lots of fun.

I just encountered one word game initiated by a nice member at the social site BlogCatalog .

The game started with a word (has to be more than 5 letters). The next member has to continue with another word but has to start it using the last letter of the previous word. Sort of fun going especially when you see the people whacking at the comment space to participate.

Improvise this concept to maths :

Maths Game

Make use of any 3 different maths operators to generate the number 18.

Rule of the game: The last maths operator has to be the first for the next person to continue, and no numbers in the operation are to be the same.

Start: 18 ==> 40 / 2 - 5 + 3 ==> .......

Happy thinking :D


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