Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Pleasure From Math Teaching And Learning

One of the most emotional element in a human is pleasure. If any thing is driven by pleasure, then it reduces resistance towards it.

With this knowledge, teaching and learning math can be made less strenuous with the introduction of pleasure in its process.

Fun math with exciting interactive activities can be included to complement conventional classroom practices.

In order to allow pleasant learning, students can be exposed to the pleasure involved with math.

One example to let them see the wonders of numerous amazing math patterns, like the Pascal Triangle sequence.

The Golden Ratio is another example that will excite them.

Magic math also can be used to trigger their curious mind.

Try mental math. Show them the simplicity to perform math mentally which they think is only possible through the calculator. How about graphical plots? Beautiful pictures can be generated.

For more ideas, the internet is good place to source for information.

Let the students have the pleasure to know and understand the "why" of something.

The feeling of pleasure is the catch to hold them interested.

Therefore one of the key element to capture students' attention is to put in pleasure as much as possible into the math lesson.

This, too, will make math teaching fun.

Do you agree?

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