Monday, 11 August 2008

Complex Number - How Simple?

There is a field of maths that is named "Complex Number". It frightens everyone!

Why? Due to the very starting word "Complex".

Is it really complex? This is the question everyone exposed to the name will ask.

If you study into it, a complex number is expressed simply as "a + ib".

It consists of two parts. The first part"a" is what we term the Real part of the expression, and the second part "ib" forming the imaginary part.

That is all to "Complex Number".

We just need to know that there are two parts to this field of maths.
Be aware of this matter, and do accordingly.

The trick is not to combine the two parts together as they mean differently.

With that understanding, learning complex number becomes easy. Looking deeper, you will find that they are no different from the normal algebra that we always use.

So is "Complex Number" complex?
It is complex only if you choose it to be! Anything simple will be complex then.

I wonder why name it "Complex Number" in the first place. Maybe of the "i" concept, I suppose.

Another reason may be due to the underlying fact that this "i" represents an imaginary number which is the square root of "-1", a concept that is hard to comprehend.

How can one perform square rooting on a negative number. Absurd right?
But past mathematician used this "interesting" concept to explain a "complicated" idea.
The hope is to link the imaginary to the real world so that maths can be computed in the normal way as real number.


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