Monday, 11 August 2008

"I Hate Maths" - Think Again

I often hear people impulsive saying "I hate Maths". Is it true that maths is so fearful that it make one hate it? Come to think about it, if one day there is no more things related to maths, what will our life be?

Going inside the elevator, you see buttons imprinted with pictures or alphabets only. How do you feel? How high and which level are you going to? You do not know and will not have any idea too. It frightens.

You are in a speeding car and the speedometer tells you that the speed is "happy". Do you have an absolute perception of how fast? It may be relative by just looking at the item passing outside. But does it make you feel lost?

In a store, you find that you are paying with money that comes without the numbers. How to know how much? It is like barter trading except that there is no counting since maths involves counting. How to tell how much or how many items are there without counting? Interesting like or confusing?

Measuring things for its length becomes an issue since there is no number to tell. We take a piece of string and show its length to others. What if we have a house to build? How many strings do we need to identify the dimensions? Horror!

If the person insists on hating maths, I believe he may has to leave our beautiful planet for other place. However, he has to learn maths in order to define and calculate the projectile of his flight in order to land at the place of his desire correctly!

Think again.
Love Maths. Embrace Maths.


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