Thursday, 7 August 2008

Conversion of Number from Decimal Form to Proper Fraction

Number comes in many form. And there are times where we need to convert numbers in decimal form to its fraction form before we can proceed with maths calculation.

One method is suggested here and it involves the use of the Divisibility Rule.

Example: Convert 0.35 to fraction.

0.35 can be converted directly to fraction by changing it to 35 / 100.

Scanning through the Divisibility Rule, we noticed that 35 and 100 can be divided by 5 since their last digits (5 and 0 respectively) satisfy the rule.

Therefore dividing both 35 and 100 by 5, 35 / 100 ==> 7 / 20 (final answer).

The above example shows the usefulness and benefits of the Divisibility rule in number format conversion.

For more ideas about the Divisibility Rule, you may click here.


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