Thursday, 7 August 2008

Maths Book - A Useful Companion

Maths is a special subject that differs from the rest of those knowledge and text-based type of subjects. Its mathematical concept, equations and expressions are all presented in symbols and number, with mathematical variables coming into the picture.

This causes maths learners to consider maths as a subject that need special attention.

Depending on how they receive the maths lesson, some learners will end up fearing maths, and some will embrace it with enthusiasm. Many factors are involved in their learning journey that moulded their attitude towards maths.

It could be past history of maths study, teachers' expectation, improper guidance, individual learning style, etc. The list may expand as the learners move on in their learning journey.

The topics will get more complicated and learning maths shifts more towards self-understanding. What happen when they encounter problems and is too shy to ask?

The answer lies in having a good "off-line" teacher or advisor. This "off-line" teacher can be their parents, their friends or any person close to them.

However, these people may not be with them every time they encounter a maths problem.

They may need immediate attention to the problem and in need of advice to continue with the specific topics. Without anyone to ask, they are stuck till help comes.

What then is the next best solution to this?

A good solution is to get a good or easily understandable maths book. Keep it in a convenience place for easy access. It will be your "off-line" maths teacher.

It can come in handy when help from people cannot be found. This book will then be your saviour and acts as a maths guide or advisor to you.

Therefore it is necessary to get a good, easy-to- read maths book to prepare for times like this. Getting a lousy or information-lacking book will be equivalent to getting an undedicated maths teacher.

Having a good maths book by your side, while learning, will give you a sense of confidence also. It comes about as you very well knows that help is always around the corner. Obstacles can be cleared fast and easy, and your learning will be more comfortable and less stressful due to the fact that you have a good companion, your dependable maths book.

-Use the maths book as often as you can.
-Do not use it only in times of problem or when there is no other help.
-Treat the book with respect and learn to love it.
The respecting attitude formed will do you good as a person as habit gets strengthened and will ultimately get infused into your personality.

So, go shopping for a maths companion right now, if you do not have one .....

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