Saturday, 9 August 2008

How To Remember Maths Solving Steps

Have you encountered classmates who keep on saying that they cannot remember how to solve a particular math question or have forgotten topics taught? I have encountered and heard of these numerous times.

Why is it so?
Any way to prevent this from happening?
Sure, it involved learning method.

I think it boils down to one important concept in learning. This affects any subject one is learning. But since maths has many formulae and involves many steps in computing and calculating for an answer, it becomes the more important. What is this important concept?

Answer: Ownership of Learning.

When a person takes personal responsibility in his learning, he will be serious and will take the effort to retain what is taught and learned. He will not "dare" to forget as this means learning all over again and makes him feel the pinch. When he takes ownership, he will not take excuses and blame others.

It will thus be beneficial to anyone when learning is taken as a personal challenge to improve oneself, and honestly practicing for it. Maths needs a lot of practice and linking of mathematical facts with analysis. It differs from other subjects in this sense.

Another useful tip to help avoid forgetting is to have enough sleep or rest. This will give the brain sufficient time to recover and take new challenge. ==> Sleep Well Learn Well!


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