Saturday, 9 August 2008

Number Boards, Flash Cards - Useful Simple Maths Tools

When young learners are introduce to maths, 2 simple tools can be used to interest them.
They are namely:

1) Number Boards
2) Maths Flash Cards

Number Boards

This is a simple maths tools used widely to enhance number sequencing and concept. It is a board with numbers listed on it. It looks like a chess board except that the squares are filled with numbers. The number ascends from 1 to 100. For some boards it may end with 40, 60 or equivalent.

The playing rule of this maths learning tool is to place number seeds onto the respective listed numbers on the board in the fastest time. The idea to Number Board tool is to allow the understanding of "bigger" and "smaller" number. It teaches the concept of "smaller" number before "bigger" number.

The sequencing placement in the shortest time forces the brain to internalise the incremental (or decremental) concept. Students can compete for the fastest time to make the game challenging and exciting. The game also allows the learners to become mentally "flexible" or having dexterity through being able to place the randomly chosen seed in the correct place.

Maths Flash Cards

In this learning tools, maths operations are printed onto the card.
Example is "3 + 4 = ".

The idea is to give the answer as soon as the card is flashed in front of the students. It forces the students to recall and apply maths operation in an exciting way. This game enhances the logical aspect of number manipulation through the four operations of +, -, / and x.

This practice is also applied in the learning of words.

These 2 maths learning tools are simple and easy to implement, and thus, are used in learning centres widely.

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