Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Interesting Maths Phobia Terms

I discovered that math phobia is so recognized that it warrants a name (term) for it.

I found two phobia terms while reading up on math education. Allow me to share it here.

The term for fearing numbers: Arithmophobia.

People having this phobia, hopefully, can gain control of themselves over facing numbers as they cannot escape from the reality that numbers are everywhere.

Another more surprising term......

A term that names phobia for the number 13: Triskaidekaphobia

Though these two terms are "negative" in nature, I have a positive feeling towards them as they signified that people are relating to maths. To fear maths is better than to be indifferent towards maths. To be fearful of maths has still some chances of overcoming it and loving it later. To be indifferent means that ..... who cares!

Maths is alive and love those who love them. Interesting isn't it?


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