Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Is Math Book A Story Book?

Is math book a story book?
This is a question that some students ask.

It depends on the objective of the reading. If it is for leisure, sure!
The math book will then be a story book to be read and forgotten. However, if it is meant to be studied for knowledge, the treatment towards reading it changes.

For serious reading to picking up knowledge, the math book has to be scanned many times for linkage of previous and present topic of interest. Every piece of information within it has to be understood.

In a math book, chapters are normally written such that the basics or fundamentals are listed in front followed by more complex applications behind. No skipping is allowed if full comprehension of the math principle is to be captured.

Constant iteration of the chapters may occur in the midst of studying. This is a key different compared to reading a story book that does not normally requires returning back to previous chapters to link up the story. It is a straight feed-forward reading, most of the time.

Therefore, you should treat the math book with care and award it with utmost respect for the amount of information it can provide. Respect its purpose to make you a better person through a systematic training of your mind.

So, is math book a story book?

You decide.


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