Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Tips On Studying Maths

For some students, studying maths is a breeze. For others, it may be a chore. All is not hopeless for the latter group of maths learners. In this post, I have written some tips that I hope will be useful and can be taken as reference.

Though learning any subject involves the learning style of each individual person and many other factors, the information provided below should be applicable to most of you. Here it goes ...

Tips on studying for maths:

  • Read up the maths topic before lesson. This will hasten the understanding and shorten the learning time

  • Seek to clarify any questions or uncertainties as soon as possible

  • Review the lesson taught within the same day, or at the soonest, within hours if possible

  • Highlight (or underline) the important message in the notes for better revision

  • Attend all maths lesson. Follow up when lessons are missed out

  • Have an open mind to question concepts and methods taught. Do not take the information as they are. Question and scrutinise them

  • Move on to the next topic only when the previous topic taught is fully understood and mastered. This will ensure continuity of learning

  • Do all maths assignments by yourself and be honest with it

  • Try other ways to solve the maths questions and check for result consistency. This will give you more alternatives, and enhances an overall understanding of the maths principle

  • Do not try to memorize the steps or procedures in solving any maths problem. Aim, however, to understand the underlying meaning in every steps in the solving procedure

  • Lastly, do not fear maths. Take it as a number game that ultimately will create a better you.

With the above few tips, you should, at least, be more relax and comfortable in handling learning of maths. Remind yourself that you are the master, and not the slave of maths.

Happy maths studying. :)

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