Thursday, 14 August 2008

Math Terms, Math Symbols, Do You Know Them ?

Math has many terms, symbols and signs. They formed up to represent certain meaning. They may be equations, problems, formula, functions, relation between input and output, and many more.

Test your understanding of the below math items, or explanation for their usage.

Ready.... here we go ...

Improper fractions, Composite numbers, Integers, Whole numbers,

Factors, Divisors, Dividend, Multiplicand, Multiplier,

Power, Base, Indices, Variables, Inequality, Simultaneous equations,

Gradient, Constant, Integration, Permutation, Factorial,

Venn Diagram, Subset, Remainder, Modulus, Argument, Imaginary term,

Limits, %, ( ), Differentiation, Ð , ¥, ¹, Partial fraction,

µ, Conjugate, Polynomial, D, º, Roots, Mode, Standard Deviation,

Median, Proper fraction, Irrational number, Phase,

ò, Derivative, Quadratic Formula, Denominator, !

Well, how's the going?

Are you able to explain all the terms and symbols of the above ?

Do not despair if you are not able to know all the math items.

What is important is to know what you missed out and start from there. This is LEARNING! Nothing abnormal.

For those who are able to tell all the usage and meaning of the math items, WELL DONE! Keep it up!


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